Free Trial: You can download the the Weekly Financial Reporter program, at no cost, by clicking on the links listed below. The trial program is fully functional except that you are limited to entering a period ending date of 11/24/07, 12/2/11, 11/3/12 or 12/6/14. If you don't have Microsoft Access 2000-2010, you will need the Access Runtime engine which is available further down this page at no cost.

Version . Current Release  (Country) Works With (QB means Pro or Premier) Program
17.01  (US) US QB 2020 and Enterprise 20
Requires MS Access 2016 or Free MS Access 2016 Runtime
16.02  (US) US QB 2018 and Enterprise 18
Requires MS Access 2013 or Free MSS Access 2013 Runtime
15.02  (US) US QB 2016/2017 and Enterprise 16/17
Requires MS Access 2013 or Free MSS Access 2013 Runtime
6.14  (US) US QB 2004 to 2015 and Enterprise 4 to 15 Download

The Reporter has several built-in reports. In addition, the download file includes a sample financial statement format workbook (FormatWeeklyWithClass.xls) and row name assignments for the US  QuickBooks sample company Larry's Landscaping & Garden Supply.You should be able to produce presentation quality statements for this company without any changes or modifications. Just follow the steps on the main menu. 

You can also test the system against any other QuickBooks company at the dates noted above but after transferring the data to Excel, you will need to assign each account in the Trial Balance sheet a "row name" which matches a row name in one of the financial format sheets. Row name assignments are saved in the Reporter and have to be entered only once per company. You can open the sample workbook (Format1.xls) in Excel and save it under a different name before transferring data to it using the reporter so that you can have customized workbooks for specific companies. 

How to Purchase:

You need to click above to download the program, this section only processes your payment. Payments are processed by PayPal and you can pay using your PayPal account or a Credit Card.

As soon as we receive notice of your payment, we will send your registration information to you by email. When you enter this registration information into the program downloaded above, the trial limitations are removed giving you full use of the program. This registration email is in addition to the shopping cart/credit company emails that you will receive. This email will be sent from to the email address used on the order or the PayPal account. Our automated response system will send your registration email immediately if you purchase at the regular price or if you purchase an upgrade and use the same name and email address that you used on your previous purchase of this product. 

If you purchase using an echeck or purchase an upgrade using a different name or email address than your previous purchase and:
    a. if your order during regular business hours (8-5, M-F, central time) it can take up to an hour to approve you order.
    b. if you order at night or over the weekend, your registration information may not be sent until the morning of the next business day.

Version Price Buy Now
17 $99.00
16 $99.00
15 $99.00
6 $99.00



Access Runtime Engine:

If you don't have Microsoft Access 2000, 2007/2010, 2013 or 2016 you can use the Microsoft Access Runtime engine instead of the full version of Access. To do this, 

1. Click at right to download the free Access 2000 Runtime Engine (33 meg): ARTinstall.exe  

or the free Microsoft Access 2007 Runtime engine from 

or the free Microsoft Access 2013 Runtime engine from or the free Microsoft Access 2007 Runtime engine from

2.  Install the Runtime Engine by double clicking  the downloaded file.

3. Download the Weekly Financial Reporter (from the download links at the top of this page) and install it.

If you have any problems, email us at

Version History:

15.02 (10/02/16) Now works with QuickBooks 2017.

15.01 (10/28/15) Now works with QuickBooks 2016.

6.14 (10/28/14) Now works with QuickBooks 2015.

6.13 (06/06/14) Now transfer data for CYPMYTD.

6.12 (05/17/14) Now works with QuickBooks 2014.

6.11 (04/17/12) Now works with QuickBooks 2012 and 2013.

6.10 (09/30/10) Now works with QuickBooks 2011.

6.09 (03/03/10) Now works with QuickBooks 2010.

6.08 (02/24/09) Now creates reports by QuickBooks Class.

6.07 (11/12/08) Now works with QuickBooks 2009.

6.06 (08/28/08) Corrected problem with class filter.

6.05 (07/24/08) Added text variables for weeks and all dates.

6.04 (06/18/08) Added the ability to create year-to-date cash flow reports.

6.03 (04/28/08) Now works with QuickBooks 2008. Improved speed. Now uses Profit and Loss reports instead of trial balances for better accuracy in all reporting situations.

6.02 (01/17/08) Corrected problem with current period where current period started in a prior calendar year. Added back menus for row name assignments form (allows exporting/importing of row name assignments) and reports.

6.01 (11/20/07) First commercial release.