Beginning Balance Transfer Utility


I bought & used your BB program today and it worked perfectly!  Thanks for your help and such a useful program!  Saved me tons of time!

Thanks so much - the Beginning Balance Transfer Utility worked like a charm! HF 

Summary Aside from the initial time to set up the QuickBooks data files to permit access by the utility, this is by far the easiest and most automated solution we have seen for transferring the beginning balances into a new file. Bonny Nagayama, CPA and publisher of the QuickBooks E News newsletter.  

(Developers Note: All QuickBooks integrated applications (such as this one) must go through a one-time initial setup process in which the QuickBooks Administrator grants permission for the application to to read and write data to the QuickBooks file.) 

Thank you - great product - I purchased it. 

It really saves a lot of time - thank you for all you help. 

Everything worked out great.  Your program most definitely is worth its weight in gold.  Thanks for all your help and prompt response.  I'm elated that I found this program.  Enrique 

I just did this for a large client using QB Pro on New Years Day. It was a 100mg file that kept corrupting on me. Plus I wanted to delete and clean up the item codes. I was dreading it because the last one I did took three days using Excel to make an import file for the outstanding A/P & A/R transactions.

This time I bought "Beginning Balance Transfer Utility" for $99.00 IT IS WONDERFUL! I hope that it works with Premier! (it does)

The best part was that the programmer, Karl Irvin, suggested that I make a duplicate copy of the QBW file, archive it and tell it to delete "all transactions." This left me with a shell to work with that included all of my memorized reports, transactions and all of my user setups. It saved my life. 

Here is the clinker, use your fastest machine and leave it alone. It will look like it is locked up but it took 19 hours to delete all of the transactions. I thought it crashed at 21% when I got three error messages but I figured out that if I X'd the messages and left it alone, it continued on. 

He also has a utility for transfering transactions from one QB file to another one so if you want to start a new file at 12/31 you can import the January work that you have keyed to date. Go see Sara 

Your system worked great.  I had a file of 178 mb, with old transactions from 1994, ad now I have a file of 5 mb with all my open A/P and A/R.  We caught up the January transactions from 1/1 through 1/9/04.  My biggest fowl up was that I should have had them skip the payroll on the 9th, then I could have done the "remove all transactions" instead of setting up a new company.  I spent quite a bit of time getting the payroll back together again.

Anyway, since I bought the company in November of 03, I have had three crashes with the darned thing.  Their accounting was also whacky since they didn't understand the system.  Now I am ready to tackle 2004 with a stable and clean set of books.  Thank you for the work that went into the application you built.  It is the best. Chuck