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How to Buy

Step 1. Download the Data Transfer Utility version that works with your QuickBooks. 

All programs download as Free Trial demos. The downloads are the full program plus a demo feature that limits you to transferring two transactions of each data type per transfer pass. When you buy the program (Step 2), the demo limits are removed. You don't have to download the program again. After downloading, double click the downloaded file to install the program. 

This program can used on an unlimited number of QuickBooks files.

Before using this program, we encourage you to read the "Transfer Strategies" document on the "Help Files" page and in the Help section of the program.

To run the programs, you need the QuickBooks versions shown below and either Microsoft Access 2000-2013 (32 bit) or the free Access Runtime engine which is available further down on this page. Click on the "Types of Data" link at the top of this page for a listing of the data types transferred by each version. The programs work with all flavors of QuickBooks Pro, Premier, Accountant and Enterprise. This program doesn't work with the Mac version of QuickBooks.

Version . Current Release (Country) Works ONLY With (QB below means Pro, Premier and Acct) Program
15.02      (US) US QB 2016 and Enterprise 16
Requires MS Access 2013 or Free MS Access 2013 Runtime
14.13      (US/UK/CA) US QB 2014 and 2015 and Enterprise 14 and 15
CA QB 2014 and 2015 and Enterprise 14 and 15
UK QB 2014 and 2015
13.24      (US/UK/CA) US QB 2013 and 2014 and Enterprise 13 and 14
UK QB 2013 and 2014 and Enterprise 13 and 14
CA QB 2013 and 2014 and Enterprise 13 and 14
12.28      (US/UK/CA/AU US QB 2012 and Enterprise 12.
UK QB 2013 and Enterprise 13
CA QB 2013 and Enterprise 13
Reckon Accounts 2013, 2014 and 2015
11.21      (US/CA/UKAU) US QB 2011 and 2012 and Enterprise 11 and 12
CA QB 2012 and Enterprise 12
UK QB 2012
AU QB 2012-13 and Enterprise 12-13
10.08      (US/CA/AU) US QB 2010 and 2011 and Enterprise 10 and 11
CA QB 2011 and Enterprise 10
AU 2011-12
9.26      (US/CA/UK) US QB 2009 and 2010  and Enterprise 9 and 10
CA QB 2010 and Enterprise 9
UK QB 2010
8.29      (US/CA/UKAU) US QB 2008 & 2009 and Enterprise 8 & 9
CA QB 2008 & 2009
UK QB 2008
AU QB 2009-10 and 2010-11 files not using multicurrency.

Study the table above carefully. We don't make refunds or exchanges if you buy the wrong version. Notice the word "ONLY" at the top of the middle column. If you are unsure, download the program and test it with your QuickBooks before you buy the program.

For versions that work with QuickBooks 2002 to 2007, see Older Versions of Data Transfer Utility

The utility produces various reports that show what data was transferred. Reports showing data transferred in the current session can be viewed/printed using the software downloaded above. To view historical reports showing data transferred in the last 3 transfer sessions you need to download and install the free Microsoft Snapshot file viewer by clicking at right. SnapShot Viewer and then click Reports>Saved Reports in the transfer utility program.

Vista Users: You must have User Account Control (UAC) set to On in Vista or you will get a "Could not start QuickBooks" error message. 

Canadian and UK users: If you receive the following error message, "Class does not support Automation. ...", you need to update the QBXMLRP2.dll file installed by QuickBooks. Click at right to download and install this file.  QBXMLRP2Installer.exe

Canadian Users: Versions 3 to 7 listed above must be run on a computer that only has the multicurrency capable version of QuickBooks on it. Version 8 must be run on a computer that only has the non-multicurrency capable version of QuickBooks on it. The programs won't work if you try to run them on a computer that has both the multicurrency capable and the non-multicurrency capable versions of QuickBooks on it.

Installation Folder: This program must be installed in a Windows folder that allows "Write" access. The default folder normally works. 

Step 2. Purchase the Program:

You must download the program in step 1 above, this section only processes your payment. You need to purchase a copy of the utility for each computer that it is used on. Unless you are doing remote transfers, only one copy is needed.

As soon as we receive notice of your payment, we will send your registration information to you by email. When you enter this registration information into the program downloaded in step 1, the trial limitations are removed giving you full use of the program. This registration email is in addition to the shopping cart/credit company emails that you will receive. This email will be sent from support@q2q.us to the email address used on the order or the PayPal account.  

A. Our automated response system will send your registration email immediately if (1) you purchase at the regular price or (2) you purchase an upgrade and use the same name and email address used on the previous purchase and your previous purchase was at the full price. If you have not received this registration email within 15 minutes, search for it using our Software Registration Search Form . 

B. (Exceptions to A above). If you purchase using an echeck or purchase an upgrade using a different name or email address than your previous purchase and:
    1. You order during regular business hours (8-5, M-F, central time) it can take up to an hour to approve you order.
    2. Your order at night or over the weekend, your registration information may not be sent until the morning of the next business day.

Payments are processed by PayPal. With PayPal your payment can be charged to your PayPal account or to your Credit Card.  Also there is an Order Form in the program under the Help menu.

Click one of the "Add to Cart" buttons below.  You need to click above to download the program, this section only processes your payment. Use the buttons on the "Upgrade to.." rows only if you already own a different version of the program than the one you are purchasing today." If you are a first time buyer, use the buttons on the rows that don't begin with "Upgrade to..". 

Be sure to purchase the version that works with your QuickBooks, See step 1 the top of the page. 

A. The following section is for users who haven't purchased this program before.

Version Single Copy Price Buy Now Additional Copies Buy Now
15  $169
14  $169
13  $169
12  $149
11  $149
10  $149
9  $149
8  $149

B. The following section is for users who already own a version of this program.
 Upgrade to 15 $89
 Upgrade to 14 $89
 Upgrade to 13 $89
 Upgrade to 12 $69
 Upgrade to 11 $69
 Upgrade to 10 $69
 Upgrade to 9 $69
 Upgrade to 8 $69

Access Runtime Engine:

If you don't have Microsoft Access 2000-2013 (32 bit) you can use the free Microsoft Access Runtime engine instead of the full version of Access. To do this, 

1. Click at right to download the free Microsoft Access Runtime engine from


2.  Install the Runtime Engine by double clicking  the downloaded. 

3. Download the Data Transfer Utility (from the download links at the top of this page) and install it.

If you have any problems, email us at support@q2q.us

Click here to see the Version History Page