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Data Transfer Utility


Click the links below to see video clips about the the Data Transfer Utility.  Playing time is shown in Minutes:Seconds

The videos in the flash format and can play in most browsers. If you have an questions or comments, send them to support@q2q.us

1. Download and Install  1:24

2. Typical Transfer (for version 13 and later. Includes initial connection process) 8.02

3. Typical Transfer (for version 12 and prior)  4:40

4. Laptop to Desktop  5:28

5. Exporting at a Remote Location  2:20

6. Importing data received from a Remote location  4:03

7. Transfer Data from Enterprise Solutions to QuickBooks Pro or Premier.  4:36

8. Choose Items  6:46  Provides an easier way to transfer rejected data..

9. Watches for Duplicates 3:42

10. Win 7 Default Programs 2:13

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