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Dues Billing System



This program allows you to store a dues amount in each customers record and to generate an invoice for all of your customers (or a selected group such as monthly or quarterly customers) with a few mouse clicks.  The dues amount is stored in each customers record in a custom field named "Dues Amount". Each customers dues amount will be on the invoices created by this program. 

With the Dues Billing System you create one sample invoice in QuickBooks and select the customers to receive a copy of the invoice.. This sample invoice is used to determine the invoice date, class, template etc to be used on each created invoice. The invoice created for each customer will be just like the sample invoice except that each customers invoice will have their own name, address, taxes, terms, custom field values and individual dues amount on it.

If you enter a contract end date in a customers customer field (in a format like 2010-11), you can easily select and bill all customers whose contract hasn't reached the end of its term. 

The Dues Billing System provides several advantages over the QuickBooks memorized transaction feature.

    1. You don't have to initially create an invoice for each customer and memorize it. You create one sample invoice and select the customers who are to receive the invoice. If the customers to receive the invoice have a common identifier (such as Monthly or Quarterly) in the Customer Type field or in a custom field you can select all of them with a single button click.

    2. When you create a memorized invoice all data on the invoice is frozen except the customers address. If any of the other fields on the invoice change you have to edit each memorized invoice and change it. The frozen fields include amount, quantity, rate, terms, tax status and tax rate. With the Dues Billing System, all of this data is current at the time the invoices are created.

In addition, you can edit the customers customer fields in this program and update QuickBooks for your changes. The program has a mass update feature that allows you to update a large number of customers custom fields with a few mouse clicks.

The only change that needs to made in QuickBooks is to add a custom field named "Dues Amount" to any customer's edit screen and to populate the customers  "Dues Amount" custom field using the QuickBooks customer edit screen or this program. 

System Requirements:

1. Pro or higher versions of QuickBooks 2007 or later or Enterprise Solutions 7 or later.  

2. Microsoft Access 2000-2007 or the free Microsoft Access 2000 Runtime engine which can be downloaded from the "How to Buy" page. 

3. Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Win 7.


If you have any questions or comments about this program, contact us at karl@q2q.us


QuickBooks is a registered trademark and service mark of of Intuit, Inc. in the United States and other countries. The Dues Billing System is designed for use with the Pro and higher versions of QuickBooks 2007 or later and Enterprise Solutions 7 and later software only. 


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