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Online Custom Financial Reporter



1. Main Screen:

2. Trial Balance sheet in Excel. This sheet contains data exported from QuickBooks and user provided "Row Names" that link the trial balance to user defined financial statement format sheets.

3. User defined financial statement format sheet. This one is named "Assets" but they can have any name (other than "Trial Balance" or "Variables") and you can have as many as you need. In addition, you can define the fonts, type styles, column widths, headings etc. to meet your specifications.

4. Balance Sheet - Assets: When you print the financial statement format sheets, column A can be omitted from the print area leaving you with statements formatted your specifications.

5. Cash Flow Statement: The cash flow financial statement format included with the system, includes columns (not shown here) that allow your to reclassify cash flow amounts so that you can properly report assets sales, loan proceeds and re-payments etc. when those transactions are not recorded in separate accounts. You can modify this and any other financial statement format sheet included with the system to meet your specifications.


6. Financial Statement Variables: The data on this sheet is exported from QuickBooks and changes when you export different time periods or different companies.

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