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Weekly Financial Reporter



The Weekly Financial Reporter creates comparative financial statements using weekly accounting periods instead of calendar months. This kind of reporting is typically used by restaurants and retail stores and may be know as 4/4/5, 13 week or 52/53 week reporting.  It provides better comparability of numbers because the periods being compared have the same number of days in them.

The Weekly Financial Reporter provides two reporting options:

1. Built in comparative reports for balance sheet, profit and loss variances and profit and loss percent of sales.

2. User customized statements. Data extracted from QuickBooks can be exported to Excel and merged into custom financial statement formats that you create. We provide an Excel workbook with set of financial statement formats that you can modify or copy or you can create your own format workbooks. Other than the columns of data that are available, you have total control over the design of the financial statement formats. You can have as many heading and data rows as you need and you can use any of Excels fonts, type styles, number format, colors etc. For more information on customizing financial statements, see the web pages for our Custom Financial Reporter at http://www.q2q.us/cfroverview.htm

System Requirements:

1. Pro or higher versions of QuickBooks 2004 and later or Enterprise Solutions 4 and later.  (See the "Download/Purchase" page for more information.)

2. Microsoft Access 2000 - 2010 or the Microsoft Access 2000 Runtime engine which can be downloaded from the "How to Buy" page at no cost.  

3. Microsoft Excel 2000 - 2010, if using user customized statements.

4. Windows XP, 2000, Vista, Win 7, Win 8.


If you have any questions or comments about this program, contact us at karl@q2q.us


QuickBooks is a registered trademark and service mark of of Intuit, Inc. in the United States and other countries. The Custom Financial Reporter is designed for use with the Pro and higher versions of QuickBooks 2004 and later or Enterprise Solutions 4 and later. (See the "Download/Purchase" page for more information.)

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