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Check Transfer Utility

Help Comments

1. If the "Use account numbers"  preference is checked in the source company, it must be checked in the destination company. Also any payroll related accounts in the source company that have an account number must have the same account number in the destination company.

2. If any payroll liability or payroll expense accounts are subaccounts, you need to either:

  1. Temporarily make all payroll related  subaccounts into accounts (both companies) or
  2. Add account numbers to the payroll liability and payroll expense accounts in both companies and check the "Use account numbers" preference in both companies. 

3.  The Reports & Graphs Preference for "Reports - Show Accounts by" must be set to "Name only" or you will continue to get a message that you have payroll liability or payroll expense subaccounts even if you don't have them anymore.


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