How to Transfer Data From Enterprise Files to Pro or Premier Files

There are two ways to transfer data from an Enterprise file to a Pro or Premier file. 

1. You can make the transfer using our software as discussed in the section A below. 

2. We can make the transfer for you for a flat fee of $295 with a 2 business day or less turnaround (100% of the data is guaranteed to transfer and there is a 100% satisfaction guarantee). See section B below. We can also transfer the data to a QuickBooks MAC file for an additional $40.  Request Q2Q Conversion Service


A. Transfer Using our Transfer Software:

Our "Data Transfer Utility" program can transfer data from Enterprise files to Pro or Premier Files. However, if your Enterprise File is two or more years older that your Pro or Premier program, you will need to get a free evaluation copy of the latest release of Enterprise Solutions (ES) from QuickBooks and use it to update your older ES file to the current ES file format. You can order the free evaluation copy at Order Enterprise Evaluation Copy 

Once you update the older ES file (using the free evaluation copy) you can export data from it and import it into your Pro or Premier file. For example if you have ES 7 and Pro 2010, you will need to update your ES 7 file to the ES 10 format and then use Data Transfer Utility version 9 to export data from the ES 10 file and import it into the Pro 2010 file.

When transferring from ES to Pro/Premier using the "Data Transfer Utility" , the process is to:

1. Have the source company open in ES when exporting data.
2. Close the connection to ES (row 3 of the utility). Don't exit the utility.
3. Exit the ES program.
4. Open the destination company in QuickBooks Pro/Premier/Acct.
5. Import the data.

You can see a video clip of this process at  http://www.q2q.us/dtuvideos.htm  (video number 7). .

For more information about the Data Transfer Utility, please visit:

1. Our home page:  http://www.q2q.us/index.htm

2. The main page for the Data Transfer Utility:  http://www.q2q.us/dtuoverview.htm

3. The download page for pricing information and a free trial:   http://www.q2q.us/download.htm

4. For video clips of the program:   http://www.q2q.us/dtuvideos.htm

5. For tables of what can and cannot be transferred:  http://www.q2q.us/dtudatatypes.htm

Note that we recommend at least 4 transfer passes.

1. All lists with no date range.
2. All transactions except Bill Payment Checks, Receive Payments and Deposits.
3. Bill Payment Checks and Receive Payments.
4. Deposits.

After each step above, you should review the "Import Status Report" (row 7) and correct all rejects before moving to the next step. See the Transfer Strategies document in the Help section of the program for more information on this point.

If the sales tax rate changed during the time period being transferred, you will need to set the tax rate in the destination company, transfer transactions for the time period that rate was in effect. Then change the tax rate in the destination company and then transfer transactions for the time period that this rate was in effect etc.

If the Enterprise file contains payroll checks created by QuickBooks, you can use our Check Transfer Utility to transfer prior years payroll checks to the Pro or Premier file. Current year payroll checks cannot be transferred and will have to be re-created or entered using QuickBooks' YTD Adjustment feature. See  http://www.q2q.us/ctuoverview.htm for more information on the Check Transfer Utility.

For tips on how to setup the new Pro or Premier file, see Method 2 in the "Preparation" section of the following page. http://www.q2q.us/bbtuoverview.htm

B. Flat Rate Conversion Service:

Request Q2Q Conversion Service

We charge $295 to convert an Enterprise file to a Premier or Pro file. 

100% of the data is guaranteed to transfer. 

There is a two business day or less turnaround time.

The process works as follows.

1. You send us a copy of the Enterprise file. (don't enter any more transactions in the Enterprise file after you send a copy to us)
2. We convert the data and send you a request for payment.
3. After receipt of your payment, we upload the Pro/Premier file to a file
transfer site and you will receive an e-mail with a link where you can
download the new file.

To send your file to us, copy and past the following link into your browser.


The password is: 1610 (this is an upload only password)

To reduce transmission time, send a QuickBooks Portable Company File (QBM extension), a QuickBooks backup (QBB extension) or a zip file. We don't need the files which have an extension of lgb, nd or tlg.

After the file transfer has completed,

1. Send an email to support@q2q.us notifying us that the file has been uploaded. 

2. Include your QuickBooks password for the Admin QuickBooks user in the email.

3. Tell us what version of QuickBooks was used to create the file that you sent to us.

4. Tell us what version of QuickBooks that you want the file converted to.


We don't show your files to anyone who's not involved in the conversion. We shred all printed reports. We delete your files from our computers after the conversion has been completed.

Request Q2Q Conversion Service

If you have any questions or comments, email us at   karl@q2q.us