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Data Transfer Utility


Your data transfer utility totally rocks!  I had to split my QuickBooks file last year after exceeding the 14500 customer limit for Premium Edition.  I would have upgraded to Enterprise, but at the time it had a customer limit of 29000, which would have only gotten us one more year of use.  The past year has been a total headache from an accounting perspective as a result. To make a long story short, I've been evaluating options for a year and finally decided on keeping QuickBooks, once the new Enterprise Edition came out with no customer limit.  During that time, I have tried many times to merge the data from my 2 files together in a variety of new accounting packages without luck.  Your program worked great and I am happy I found it. 

 Thanks. All fixed and I finally have my three files combined! Thanks for your help, your QuickBooks advice and a very nice piece of software. The new choose utility is very nice. The reporting is also very nice, easy to keep track of what you are doing even if you are totally new to QuickBooks as I am. A nice bit of thinking must have gone into the code.

Thank you for your response, and for a very useful tool.  I was able to accomplish the merge I needed,

I have just successfully transferred my first client's  data using your utility.  After having some initial difficulty (none caused by the
software - all by the user) I must say I'm very impressed by your product. It does exactly you say it will and what I hoped it would.  I've been
looking for a product like this for several years now.  You've done us all a great service by providing this much needed software.

The process worked fine. Of some 1000 transactions there were just 5 payment rejections which were easily resolved. ... tool is excellent. (UK QuickBooks user.)

 I like your program. It works great and will save me hours of re-entry of data. It is reasonably priced also.

First, your product is working great, as advertised.  Thank you for putting something out there that actually does what it is marketed to do

Just wanted to let you know that I downloaded v.4 and was successful importing all the data from an accountant's copy to a regular company file. This is a really great product. Thanks again.

My client bought your Data Transfer Utility Tuesday and we used it last night. It worked great and saved them a ton of time. .... it worked great. Thanks!

FYI - I love the excellent transfer reports that come out of your util!!! 07/05

Thanks for the wonderful transfer utility. It worked great. 05/05

I wanted to let you know that I had GREAT SUCCESS with your Data Transfer Utility with a QB client that was working with two separate QB files for different parts of their business. When they realized they could no longer operate like this, they went looking for a Consultant to help them....  I quickly realized what was needed and we were able to combine two fairly large files into one with a minimal amount of frustration. Your product rocks ! 03/05

I wanted to say that this utility is invaluable since our sales office has been using an older version of QuickBooks to generate invoices in California while I have been using QuickBooks in NY to create the last two years financials. Awesome Product! 04/05

We are now using your program with much success. It saves keying several hundred entries a month. 03/05

... your software worked great and was a lifesaver. 02/05

Not only is the support quick and accurate, the program is a breeze. I'm already on Number 3. GG 01/05 (from a customer transferring data from 16 bank accounts to 16 new QuickBooks files).

Karl, love your transfer program, as I said before it is just what we needed and is simple for us accounting dummies. 12/04

Thanks for your timely response Karl, I will give it a try! And Oh by the way, even though I have run into little things like this I still think this tool rocks!!! 11/04

Hey Karl its working fine again, thanks a million . All I had to do was reinstall the runtime  engine program and not the dtu's. I was a little nervous there for a minute, because I use your application across QB 2002, 2003, and 2004 and I love it to death. 10/04

 I purchased the program and it works great. It was a great answer. I had misunderstood some of the directions and Karl at q2q spent a lot of time with me on the phone personally walking me through the program and directions. He went well above and beyond what I would have expected. I was able to merge my info in an easy manner. (sure beats re-entering all those bills and checks!) Chris 09/04

I just bought the Data transfer Utility and all I can say is awesome!!!!

One client just had a network hard drive failure and of course didn't heed my warnings about backups.  Fortunately I had a copy here and transferred a lot of data into the new files she is setting up.  What a lifesaver.  Patty 07/04

First of all, great program. This really is the most useful piece of software I've used this year. Dean 07/04 

I purchased your data transfer utility on behalf of my church.  We had two Quickbooks files that were running.  Once contained deposits, the other expenditures.  I was amazed at how quickness and efficiency of your product.  I created a backup of the two original databases, practiced combining the two, fixed the naming convention problems we had and was able to combine the transactions from two files into one.  It is a great feeling to have all the data appear in the correct accounts with no errors.
Thank you for creating such a wonderful product that has saved us countless hours of redundant data entry! Kurt 05/04

I have downloaded and tried out the Transfer Utility and think it is a great solution. Tamey 4/04

Thank you for that info.  Your data transfer program is a real lifesaver!. Michael 4/04

Thanks for the quick response, It is working now. It is a great utility. Derek 4/04

Thanks a lot. You have a great service. I will recommend you application to my friends. Juan 3/04

I wanted to take a minute and let you know that your Data Transfer Utility worked like a charm for both me and my client.  It did exactly what I asked of it.  Thanks again!  Peter 2/04

The transfer went very smoothly.  You've designed a GREAT product.  Karen 12/03

This is a wonderful product and have saved us countless hours of data entry. Arnold 5/03

For anyone that takes a laptop to a remote site and enters data in QuickBooks this program is a must-have. I found that it does exactly as advertised and does it quickly. It has certainly made a difference for one of my clients who travels to shows with a barcode reader attached to a laptop. This program is going to cut his keyboard time to a minimum

If you are looking for a program to transfer data between QuickBook files, and you are not afraid to take the time to understand how this program works, then by all means buy it. It is a great utility at a good price. Karl responds in a timely manner, both during the purchase and when sent email with questions.

I recently had a client who hired a sales rep at a remote location. This individual was to only enter sales orders and purchase orders with all other accounting activities, including invoicing and paying bills, to be handled at the main office. After testing the Data Transfer Utility program for this purpose, I found that it worked seamlessly, and I was very pleased to be able to recommend it to my client. Sales Orders and Purchase Orders are recorded at the remote location and are then transmitted daily via email. Once the data is imported into the main company file, invoices and bills are completed directly from the information imported. Another benefit to the application and the way this company has chosen to have it set up, is that transmittal is one-way. The remote server has no access to confidential financial information. Of course, QuickBooks does offer password protection features to limit access as well, however, my clients feel more secure in knowing that absolutely no financial information is contained in the data file located at the remote location. I did have a couple of questions regarding the product prior to purchasing it, and the customer support via email was extremely prompt and helpful. To be honest, the response time via email was far more efficient than the lengthy holds with customer support via telephone which I have endured with some other companies! I can think of numerous scenarios in which this program will be a wonderful solution, and I look forward to recommending it to more of my clients as the need arises. Since I have never used a similar application, my ratings reflect my satisfaction strictly based on the application's ability to meet our desired objectives.

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